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Powder Runners

Powder Runners

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Glide through fresh snow with ease. Powder Runners maximize your kicksled glide after a fresh dusting of snow. Powder Runners distribute Kicksled, Kickspark and Adventure Sled weight better in soft snow conditions, giving you better control, stability and performance. The powder runners are twice the width of the standard plastic runner.

  • Powder Runners are sold in pairs
  • Zip ties are included with purchase.
  • Runners press firmly on to the steel runner base and are secured with a zip tie at the front of the runner.
    • Width: 56 mm (2.2")
    • Available styles:
      • Kicksled
        • Standard: Length: 6'5" 
        • Compact: Length: 52"
      • Kickspark
      • Adventure Sled
    • Compatible with all ESLA kicksleds
    • Standard size is compatible with Mountain Boy Sledworks kicksleds.
    • Made in Finland.
    • Imported from Finland.