ASDRA Mushing Class Recap

On Jan. 15, 2024 we teamed up with ASDRA (Alaska Sled Dog & Racing Association) and local kicksled mushing experts to teach a kicksled mushing class. The class was very informative–we learned a lot about ASDRA’s history, trails and how kicksleds fit into the club’s future. The instructors taught dog handling, sled driving and navigating the ASDRA trail system. If you are going to use the designated ASDRA mushing trails in Anchorage, there are a few things you should know before going:

  • A brake/drag mat and snow hook are required on the trails.
  • ALWAYS start your run at the ASDRA Clubhouse trailhead (4800 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.)
    • This way you know if there is a race, special event or if teams are out doing practice runs.
    • Jumping on the ASDRA trails from any other part of the trail system is unsafe for all parties and not allowed.
  • Familiarize yourself with their trails and the designated direction of traffic (Trail Map Link here) and the trail protocol.
  • Join ASDRA before using their trails. Maintaining mushing trails is no small feat. Joining supports these efforts and gives you access to the trails and clubhouse.

Thank you to John Gomes for the class photos! Click here to check them out.