When we receive an order online, we reach out to coordinate a time and place to meet you, in Anchorage, with your new, assembled kicksled. We do not have a storefront. This usually takes a couple of days (the owners of Kicksled Alaska both have other jobs). If you are in a rush, we can get an unassembled sled(s) to you faster. If you are outside of Anchorage, finding transportation of your sled(s) is your responsibility. We wish we could ship all of our sleds, but it is not an option right now. Below are a couple of ways to trouble-shoot transporting your sled beyond Anchorage, AK.

We can ship two of our sleds via USPS Priority Mail, 3-5 day delivery. The Mini T1 and the Compact can both be shipped within and out of Alaska. In Alaska, the Mini T1 ships for approx. $20 and the Compact for approx. $30. Outside Alaska (but only in the USA) the Mini T1 ships for approx. $70 and the Compact for approx. $100. We are not shipping outside of the USA.

Several customers have checked unassembled kicksleds as baggage on Alaska Airlines. We wrap a little extra cardboard on the kicksleds for air travel. Alaska Air Cargo is another option for unassembled kicksleds.

Customers in the Valley and Talkeetna: We can send unassembled kicksleds via courier. Sleds of any size/weight are ok. For Wasilla and Palmer deliveries the cost is approx. $30 per drop-off location. Big Lake, Willow and Talkeetna deliveries cost approx. $65 per drop-off location.

Please call us if you are out of the Anchorage-area and would like to coordinate delivery. We can work together to get your kicksled where it needs to go.

Call or text us with any questions: 907-519-2237.

Last updated: 12/13/2019