How to Kicksled

We are impartial, but we believe kicksledding is one of the easiest winter sports to take up. Here is how you kicksled: 

Going: Hold handlebar, place left foot on left runner's footrest and use your right leg to kick and then glide. A good rule of thumb is to kick five times on one leg and then switch to the other leg. 

Stopping: Take those feet off the runners! 

Downhill: Both feet on the runners! The sleds are responsive and flexible, while also being sturdy. You can steer the sled by flexing the runners and handlebars. Please use caution - kicksleds can pick up considerable speed on downhills.

Additional tips from the manufacturer, ESLA:

The greatest thing about kicksledding is just how easy it is to pick up, it does not require any special skills. You can get the hang of kicking by just “kicking around and trying what you feel is best.” It is a good idea, however, to focus on your technique when you want to get the most out of your work out or take part in competitions. The following list provides a few basic things to keep in mind:

  • Kick economically, and try not to make unnecessary movements. When kicksledding is done correctly, the kick should be long and smooth, and it’s a great workout for your whole body.
  • Do not squeeze the handlebar too tightly. Keep your weight light on the leading leg and do not lean on your hands.
  • Change the supporting leg often. A suitable rhythm is about five kicks with the same leg. When changing legs, stand on the runners a while and keep looking forward.
  • Let the sled slide. Use long kicks and enjoy the ride!

More on how to kicksled can be found in the video below. We taught Ariane Arumburo with KTUU how to kicksled and they created this fantastic video:

You can view more footage and an article on the KTUU website. Click here for more!