What is kicksledding?

Kicksledding is an old method of winter transit that originated in Sweden.

What is a kicksled?

The kicksled is basically a cross between skis and a dog sled.

The traditional kicksled frame is constructed of wood with steel runners. The kicksled frame has a seat for carrying a passenger or gear. We sell a variety of this type of kicksled and they are available in different sizes (heights and runner lengths) and colors. 

A modern kicksled design is called the Spark. It is constructed of metal (aluminum or steel) and does not have a seat. The handlebar on the spark can be adjusted to different heights. 

Who is kicksledding for?

We know it sounds cliche, but we're going to say it anyway: EVERYBODY! Kicksledding is:

  • Fun for ALL AGES and ABILITIES
  • Practical for commuting in winter (space for groceries, gym bag, etc.)
  • Something all fitness level can enjoy
  • A healthy outdoor activity
  • Providing stability in slippery, winter conditions

What gear do I need to go kicksledding?

  • Proper winter attire (hats, gloves, etc.)
  • Winter boots/shoes
  • Ice cleats are handy for having grip and highly recommended
  • Since it's winter, and therefore dark, we recommend reflective gear (such as a vest) and headlamps, too. We've been known to wrap battery-powered LED lights around the sled for additional visibility, too (and it's fun).

You mean, I don't need:

  • No need for bindings, special boots or poles
  • No waxing required
  • No special skills required
  • No tools needed for folding/unfolding the sled for transport.

 Yes, that's right!

Does kicksledding count as exercise?

Absolutely! according to the manufacturer of our kicksleds, ESLA, kicksledding is a great workout:

"Kicksledding is also effective as a form of exercise. It develops a wide range of muscles of the body, especially the torso and leg muscles. It is very easy to start training with a kicksled, because you can easily adjust your tempo to your needs and you can even walk with the sled for a while if you need to. Our Kickspark is primarily intended for competitors and for athletes. A good kicker can reach a speed of 40km/h!"

About the manufacturer, ESLA:

We are importing kicksleds from E.S. Lahtinen Oy (ESLA). ESLA produces the highest quality kicksleds on the market and has been manufacturing sleds since 1933. Their excellent craftsmanship, timeless designs and modern approach to kicksledding is what inspired Kicksled Alaska to partner with ESLA. Learn more about ESLA here.

What is a kicksled