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Did you inherit an old kicksled without plastic runners? Has your kicksled lost its glide?

When it comes to snow-packed trails, streets and sidewalks; plastic runners are going to give your kicksled the glide and float you seek. In the long history of kicksledding, plastic runners are a relatively recent addition. Before plastic, kicksledders rode on the steel runners. Nowadays, riding on the steel runners is only common on ice and gritty conditions. 

Plastic runners can be removed and replaced. Installing a plastic runner is best done at room temperature.

To install plastic runner: Each plastic runner stays secure on the steel runner by snapping to the steel and secured by looping a zip tie through both the plastic and steel runners. 

To remove plastic runner: Cut the zip tie and peel the plastic runner off the steel.

  • Runners are sold in pairs
  • Zip ties are included with purchase.
  • Runners press firmly on to the steel runner base and are secured with a zip tie at the front of the runner.
  • Kicksled runners are INCLUDED with every new kicksled, Kickspark and Adventure Sled order and do not need to be purchased separately.
  • Width: 36 mm 
  • Multiple styles available
    • Kicksled (one size available - it can be cut to accommodate any length runner)
      • Kickspark
      • Adventure Sled
    • Compatible with all ESLA kicksleds
    • Compatible with Mountain Boy Sledworks kicksleds.
    • Made in Finland.
    • Imported from Finland.