Kicksled + Kickspark Assembly Fee

Kicksled + Kickspark Assembly Fee

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Skip the frustration of assembling your new Kicksled or Kickspark MAX and let the pros handle it for you! 

SLED/SPARK ASSEMBLY ($15): This fee is for ONE kicksled. If you would like more than one kicksled assembled, add this fee to the cart for each sled you would like assembled before picking up in Anchorage, Alaska. 

All ESLA kicksleds are sold unassembled. It is up to you to assemble the new kicksled. At a minimum, you will need a size 10 wrench, a screwdriver, upper body strength and 10-15 minutes to assemble each new kicksled.  Curious about kicksled assembly? We made a video on assembling a kicksled >

We can not air ship assembled kicksleds. Assembled kicksleds can be delivered locally via courier.