Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled
Adventure Sled

Adventure Sled

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A kicksled built for dogs to pull. The newest design from ESLA in 2022 is the Adventure Sled. This sled is designed for Nordic mushing–running 1-2 dogs. 

The sporty new Adventure Sled combines elements of the traditional kicksled and the modern Kickspark MAX. The design by ESLA, in partnership with Kainpo, was intentionally made with Nordic mushing in mind. 

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, has an adjustable driving handle and a low-riding birch seat that gives the sled a lower center of gravity. With a dog or two, this is a very fast sled that can maneuver well on winding routes. 

This is the first ESLA kicksled designed with suspension for shock absorption and a smoother turning radius. This new feature can be turned off and locked for the classic rigid frame feeling, too. Locking and unlocking the suspension can be done on-the-go and without tools. 

For transport, the Adventure Sled can be folded down and locked into the folding position for easy transport. 

  • On-the-fly suspension engagement for high speeds and tighter turns
  • Large diameter aluminum tubing frame that is streamlined and strong
  • A seat made of Finnish birch wood for carrying gear
  • Full suite of Nordic mushing accessories 
  • Handlebar folds down for transport and storage
  • Adjustable handlebar (height and angle)
  • Includes plastic runners and footrests.
  • Kicksleds manufactured in Finland by E. S. Lahtinen Oy (ESLA).
  • Imported from Finland.
  • User height: 4’ +
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 74" 
    • Adjustable Height: 31” 38”
    • Width: 15''
  • Weighs: 
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

Kicksled Alaska is selling the Adventure Sled fully-assembled at no extra cost and modified for Nordic mushing with all the necessary dog accessories already included. 

  • Spring-loaded double brake
        • Specially designed for use on the Adventure Sled and Kickspark Max, allowing the kicking leg to move freely. The brake does not interfere with kicking. 
        • Aggressive “toothing” on the right and left sides makes for balanced stopping on all conditions, even ice.
        • Manufactured in Finland by E. S. Lahtinen Oy (ESLA).
        • The double-brake has a one-year warranty for material and workmanship and does not cover wear and tear, corrosion, color changes, misuse or harm purposely made to the product.
  • Kainpo fabric backrest 
        • Creates a backrest for hauling any gear on the sled 
        • Works as a snow cover to prevent snow from flying onto the mushers feet
        • Reflective
  • Dog line antenna
        • Elevates the dog line from the ground and sled, preventing it from tangling in the runners
  • Kainpo Elastic Dog Lead, for one or two dogs
        • Elastic dog line created specifically for kicksledding
        • Reflective
  • Fasteners for the dog lead, by Kainpo
        • Installed to the front of the Adventure sled, these fasteners are secure and allow the sled driver to easily remove the dog line when not in use
  • Flexible front bumper
      • In the event of a collision, this additional bumper lessens the impact of the sled on your dog(s)

      Kicksledding offers a wonderful way to experience winter - from gliding down frozen trails to skating on the runners across frozen ponds. The sleds offer stability in winter conditions, speed when you want it and are versatile enough to be used by all ages and abilities--from toddlers to athletes and elders.


      Children must have adult supervision while kicksledding. Do not allow children to drive their kicksled in unsafe conditions. The sleds can pick up very high speed on downhills. The same goes for adults carrying precious cargo (babies/children) as passengers. We recommend stepping off the runners and walking the sled down steep, fast or icy downhills. We always recommend wearing reflective gear and a helmet while kicksledding. More on kicksled safety here.