Kickspark FAQ

We sell two styles of the Kickspark in our shop: the standard Kickspark ($399) and the Kickspark MAX ($439). To make things easy for you, we are breaking down a few of the key differences for you here. 

The main difference between the two is that the Kickspark is made of steel and the Kickspark MAX is made of aluminum. The aluminum makes the Kickspark MAX lighter, and therefore faster, than the Kickspark. 

There are several other key differences worth pointing out. The kickspark is suitable for anyone over 3' tall, while the MAX suits anyone 4' and taller. The tallest users can be well over 6' tall, as the handlebars adjust on both sleds.

Speaking of handlebar adjustment, there is a design difference between the two. The Kickspark uses metal buttons to secure the adjustable handlebar height, while the MAX uses a metal clamp. 

At the end of the day, the kicksparks are very similar. They offer a more rigid experience when compared to the traditional kicksleds. And, as a last note, YES, both kicksparks can be used to attach and run dogs. We sell all the accessories, from skijor lines and kickspark brakes, to baskets and ice blades.